The Magical Pi You Protects Homes and Increases Wealth

Published: 10th April 2010
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Pi You (Pi Yao, Pixiu, or Pi Xie) is a very powerful protective talisman in China and feng shui.

This is a magical animal that has a lion-dog face, a horn, hoofs, little wings and a tail. It is known for its ability not to let negative energy and evil people into the home. It is very kind, and does not harm anyone. This magical creature loves its owners and is very loyal to them. In China and other Asian countries, you can find stores that sell only this fun and powerful talisman.

This charm is often placed where the source of the negative Sha energy can be, such as in front of cemeteries, sharp corners, towers, and peaks. Indoors, it is placed to face the outdoors. For instance, you can place it on a window or opposite the entrance door. In fact, you can even place it in the center of your home - this depends on the goals that you have for this charm.

Following are tips for placing Pi You indoors according to the goals that you want to achieve: Put it in any room below eye level of the tallest family member, if you want to protect your family from the bad Sha Chi. If you often travel on business, place the charm facing outward to the main (front) door - this will prevent any losses and accidents during the trip, as well as guarantee the success of your trip. The only two places where it should not be placed are the bedroom and bathroom.

According to a legend, Pi Xie has a huge appetite, and the Chinese believe its appetite will attract wealth into a home. One of the best charms for this goal is Pixiu sitting on coins - this will protect your wealth and help to increase it. This charm is very popular among businesspeople.

Pi You is one of a very few mystical beings that are capable of taming the prince Tai Sui (Jupiter) and neutralizing his effects. Pixiu helps people who are experiencing failures or losses due to bad flying stars.

Activation: To boost and maintain the strength of this talisman, you need to ring a bell for it once a week. The easiest way is to simply hang a bell next to it. Alternatively, you can activate is by burning a large candle next to it once a month.

Legend: Pi Xie is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon. It has many names and areas of habitat, depending on its purpose: one lives in heaven, the other on earth, and the other in water. Each of them brings good luck and has the same beneficial properties.

Story: The Chinese believe that having a pair of Pi You in a home will bring good luck, happiness and money. Keep in mind that even though some stores sell these figurines by one, feng shui and the classic Chinese tradition advise to use them in a pair. The figurines are traditionally made of jadeite or nephrite, but they can be of any other materials also.

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