How to install new wall covering

Published: 02nd February 2007
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Installing new wall covering can cause a room to look completely different than before and can be a great way of renewing it without having to change the furniture or other decorative elements. When knowing the right steps and guidelines, installing new wall covering can be easily done, although it can also be more difficult than it seems and counting with the help of someone who has experience on it can be very helpful.

As important as knowing how to install the new wall covering is to find the right one. A wall covering is something that will change the appearance of the room and will probably be part of its design for an important period of time, so it is always advisable to choose it carefully. There are some tips you might want to have in mind at the time of choosing it, such as for example that large patterns tend to make a big room smaller and cozier, while small patterns and light colors tend to make the room more intimate.

Before you install a new wall covering you will have to prepare the walls. Wall covering adheres in such a way that most wall imperfections can become easily noticeable, and therefore you might want to make sure there are as few of them as possible before the installation. And, if you already have a wall covering, you should remove it before applying the new one as well.

Once you are ready to begin with the installation, you should look for the least noticeable wall and start with it. In order to start installing the new wall covering, you should measure the width of the wall and cut strips of covering according to that measure. If possible, try the strips over the wall before installing them.

Most wall coverings will require you to submerge it into a water tray and then soak them for certain amount of time. Once you have done this according to the indications, you will probably also have to fold the covering and wait other few minutes, this will be in the manufacturer's indications. After all these steps are completed, you might be able to carefully start installing the covering paper in its right place, pressing it against the wall with the help of a smoothing tool.

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